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Wills and inheritance disputes can be a particularly tricky and sensitive area of law. Handling upset after a friend or relative has died, together with such a dispute can be even more challenging.


Wills and inheritance disputes can involve challenging the validity of a will or defending someone else who is trying to challenge the will.   Wills and inheritance disputes can also involve the overwhelming feeling that you were not properly provided for in someone’s will following their death, or someone died without a will and you consider that you should be provided for.

Whether you have concerns about the person who signed the will in respect of mental capacity, or undue pressure into signing the document, or whether another party is claiming this and you wish to defend against it, then Edwards Duthie can help you in providing further advice.

We can also provide advice on whether you have a potential claim against, and are entitled to, the estate of the person who died.

contentious probate will dispute

Edwards Duthie recognises and appreciates that handling wills and inheritance disputes can be highly sensitive and must be handled with care. We will work with you establish whether litigation via the Court or other Dispute Resolution with the involved parties is the right remedy for you and we can tailor our advice and assistance to your needs.

Whether you are a beneficiary, executor, trustee or not a party to the will, or if there is not a will, if you are in any doubt in relation to the deceased’s estate then you should not hesitate to contact Edwards Duthie on 0208 514 9000 and speak to our specialist Contentious Probate lawyers for an initial telephone consultation.

If you would like to know more or need our help please call us now on 020 8514 9000 to speak with one of our specialist Contentious Probate lawyers for an initial telephone consultation.

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