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COP Deputyship Applications – With a wealth of experience and expertise Edwards Duthie Solicitors can guide you through the legal maze when you need to take charge of a loved one’s affairs.

Understanding the court of protection

The Court of Protection makes decisions and appoints people to act as deputies on behalf of those who are no longer able to make their own decisions about their health and welfare, property and finances, and who haven’t made provision by appointing a Power of Attorney. It also resolves disputes that arise from Power of Attorney appointments and has the power to make statutory Wills. Deputies have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the person they have been appointed to help and to plan how to spend their money to improve their quality of life.


Statutory Wills

A statutory Will might be required where someone has not made a will and has now lost the capacity to do so. Without a will the estate may be divided between scores of distant relatives with the cost of tracing them far outweighing the benefit they receive. The statutory Will procedure can also be used to provide for friends and charities which would not otherwise be possible.

How can we help?

Edwards Duthie Solicitors are dedicated to protecting the best interests of the vulnerable. We can provide expert advice, support and representation, whether you want to resolve a power of attorney dispute or make an application to become a deputy on behalf of a friend or relative. We can also assist where you suspect that someone is being financially abused.

Liam Gough sits as a nominated Judge in the Court of Protection and has brought his expertise to the service we provide. We strive to provide a complete service that you can trust. And because every case with the Court is different, our advice and support is always tailored to meet every single one of your needs.

If you would like to know more or need our help please call us now on 020 8514 9000 to speak with one of our wills and probate lawyers

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